S.r.l. Italia and Ltd are two companies that operate in the promotion of local initiatives and dissemination of Made in Italy. The passion for this subject has always been there, but after two and a half years in England, it has deepened. The push from the deep desire generated by new experiences led Carmelo Rizzo to choose to start his English company after an experience on construction sites as a worker who between bricks (small bricks) and various languages, cultural customs, and traditions of the various peoples met leads him to take a dive with a great leap into the poetry of the image on the World Wide Web almost a spiritual search for words. Fallen flights, stops and landings, in the last 13 years there have been many, but we have always and only conceived organized in our minds but, in Italy, we didn’t even have the courage to talk about these things in which we operate that we already knew from many years . Probably coming from a slightly less visionary Southern Italy. It happens, however, in England in this magical and crazy story of changes in which we worked and got dirty during the day between classic Bricks and Stones English bricks and stones, during the day and, we studied until deep into the night 9000 Mail, in two years . Certainly more than 9000 E-Mails in a single address are not a joke. But we’re still here turning the key to this spaceship built with sacrifices, love and passion for Women’s Fault. They are very strong, women if you know how to deal with them in the mind, much greater listening capacity, courageous to discover, curious, if you are a fool like them, you will do right or wrong things but this will not matter, if you have done them to die of laughter it’s perfectly fine to smile at life.

Weird miraculous things probably in an Infinite Journey in the World Wide Web ! Umberto Bruno loses a Domain Name , ten years before , he finds it in England in a center Didcot an EXtraterrestrial town in the province of Oxford in OxfordShiRe . It was the distant December 29, 2020 unforgettable date. After so many years and more he manages to take back that something apparently futile for many a domain name to which they had put a very high price to return it. These are things that happen damn.

That December 29, 2020 will remain in history not only for this reason.

From that moment on Umberto Bruno’s mind something inexplicable and in two years he buys and reaches a share of five hundred domains . But why does Umberto Bruno do these Multipolar things ???

At the basis of the choice to leave Italy on 7 September 2020. there were many reasons in the deep foundations of this decision to leave everything and go away. In England despite the Billions of problems, and never the Billions of Pounds, we are tired of understanding new things in everything we have encountered both in the Construction Sites and in the Computer World as well as a new language, English the Mother tongue in the World . The Sacred Language of the Sacred Platinum Crown.

Everything can determine what you can expect or not but you have to isolate yourself from the crowd if you want to understand yourself your goal, desire or visionary project.

Not everyone is born with schemes drawn with a ruler and pen from slightly backward thoughts, there are also those who are born with schemes drawn with a pencil and freehand, so you can always correct your schematic vision and maybe start color it, there are therefore also those who make other different choices. Curiosity is not a disease, probably a science practiced by few, monotony is a disease for us on this planet.

Being satisfied with yourself, it’s never good means setting limits for yourself, instead if you’re curious, you have the desire to discover it every day. You can’t settle for yourself, you can settle for others but others are something else. You will never be able to settle for your migrant mind or soul if you have made a choice or you will make others, if you have tried, it had that important meaning and it was for you, as it should always be, you have to choose yourself with good defects but you have to choose yourself . When they offend your desire or your abilities you have to select, select yourself, understand yourself, only when this happens will you have the courage to go beyond your imagination, very tired from two hard years but full of new things that hardly anyone has we have told. Let’s build what we understood could here bring interest to what Italy offers and what England offers in the same way with different opportunities.

At the end of this journey or at this new beginning we conclude that the world is beautiful because it is varied, or it is colorful with colors, numbers and words, perfumes, customs, flavors that if you don’t have the courage to try them, you will probably learn more about them one day. you will regret this .

I would do everything I’ve done in these two years, from construction sites to studies, to meetings with colleagues and friends, those met in changed houses, those met on the street by day or by night, to those from England, Romania, Moldova, Argentina, Brazil in short, we all clap our hands a little. I think it was difficult for them to bear me , but they did it , the screams do not forget mine , nor those of my companions who in the evening argued with the Italian Mario about the screams during his live shows , and the next day they gave away to Mario sweatshirts and dresses, I don’t know if it’s a normal practice or not, but the Indians are like that. This history of EXtraterrestrial Territorial twinning associated with WWW matter, remixed with the Women Queens created that stimulus to continue. Now the time has come to shut everything down and write our story. If you don’t know how to emigrate with your body, at least emigrate with your mind. Your future will probably be more beautiful and fun.